The Hong Kong Jockey Club is proud to support the Student of the Year Awards since 2013, which recognise the inspirational endeavours and positive contribution of young people to society.

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, young people have shown tremendous resilience. The Club commends their efforts and is supporting measures to help them through these difficult times.  

Early on in the crisis, the Club supported the provision of free mobile internet data bandwidth for students in need. The $100 million COVID-19 Emergency Fund set up by the Club also funded NGOs to provide computer hardware and various resources to support e-learning at home.  More recently, the Club launched a talent matching and development initiative for fresh graduates seeking jobs amid the ongoing pandemic. With approved funding of over HK$987 million as of December 2020, the Club’s COVID-19 relief initiatives are helping over one million people. 

The Club is dedicated to acting continuously for the betterment of our society and is always “riding high together for a better future” with the people of Hong Kong.  Its Charities Trust is one of the world’s top ten charity donors with approved charity donations amounting to HK$4.5 billion in 2019/20. The Club is also Hong Kong’s largest single taxpayer. In 2019/20, it contributed HK$19.9 billion in duty and profits tax and HK$0.8 billion to the Lotteries Fund. 

The Club’s contributions are made possible through its integrated business model of racing and racecourse entertainment, a membership club, responsible sports wagering and lottery, and charities and community contribution. Thanks to strict health and safety measures the Club has continued racing throughout the pandemic, enabling it to continue its contributions.

The Club strongly believes that by standing strong together, we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead. The Club wishes the Student of the Year Awards and its participants every success.