The Hong Kong Jockey Club is proud to support the Student of the Year Awards, which acknowledge the achievements of our outstanding youngsters and give them confidence to become future role models for Hong Kong.

The past year continued to be incredibly challenging amid the COVID-19 pandemic, yet our youngsters embraced Hong Kong’s can-do spirit and remained resilient. The Club is heartened by their efforts in these difficult times. They are a beacon of hope for the future of our city and the Club is committed to standing strong together with them as they strive to succeed in their goals. In 2020/21, the Club’s Charities Trust approved HK$111.1 million in funding to help students, parents and teachers adapt to the educational challenges brought by the pandemic.

This year, in a further commitment to youth development and the Student of the Year Awards, the Club is donating 240,000 summer-edition e-copies of Young Post to students and teachers from each school participating in the Awards, with the aim of helping youngsters develop their English proficiency and critical thinking abilities. The Club will also support a series of webinars and workshops to train teachers in the use of Young Post as an interactive teaching solution.

Children & Youth Development is one of four key focus areas supported by the Club. Through this support it aims to help young people from different backgrounds acquire the skills and confidence needed to build a better and more hopeful future. Five of the projects aimed at supporting youngsters have been initiated by the Club’s Charities Trust. KeySteps@JC provides support for kindergarten children from disadvantaged backgrounds; CoolThink@JC encourages students’ digital creativity; C- for-Chinese@JC aims to enhance the Chinese proficiency of ethnic minority kindergarten students; JC A-Connect: Jockey Club Autism Support Network provides support for students with Autism; and CLAP@JC supports the career and life development of youngsters.

The Club’s purpose is to act continuously for the betterment of our society and it is always “riding high together” with the people of Hong Kong. The Club is Hong Kong’s largest single taxpayer, while its Charities Trust is one of the world’s top ten charity donors. In 2020/21, the Club returned a total of HK$29.4 billion to the community. This included HK$24.9 billion to the Government in duty, profits tax and Lotteries Fund contributions and HK$4.5 billion in approved charity donations.

The Club’s contributions are made possible through its integrated business model, through which racing and wagering generate tax and charity support for the community. By implementing strict health and safety measures the Club has not missed a single race meeting due to the pandemic, enabling it to continue its contributions to society.

The Club is confident that by standing strong together we can ride out the challenges we are currently facing as a society and our talented youngsters will play a big role in our city’s continued success.

The Club wishes the Student of the Year Awards and its participants every success.