Scholarships and Acceptance of Applications


A certificate of appreciation will be issued by the South China Morning Post to all nominated students who have successfully registered for the Awards.

The winner of the Student of the Year – Grand Prize will receive a HK$25,000 scholarship. There will also be a HK$8,000 scholarship for the 1st Runner-up and one of HK$4,000 for the 2nd Runner-up in this category. 

Winners of the six categories – Sportsperson, Performing Artist, Visual Artist, Community Contributor, Linguist and Scientist & Mathematician - will each receive a HK$10,000 scholarship. The 1st and 2nd Runners-up in each category will also receive scholarships to the value of HK$4,000 and HK$2,000 respectively. 

Winners for Best Improvement and Best Devotion to School (five students in each category) will each receive a HK$2,000 scholarship.  

All the winners will be announced at the Student of the Year Awards Luncheon in July 2023. 

Acceptance of Applications

South China Morning Post Publishers Limited (“SCMPP”) reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, not to accept or not to process any application submitted to the extent as determined under law.

If the information provided is insufficient or there are missing documents and SCMPP’s request for additional information or clarification is not addressed within the specified time frame, SCMPP reserves the right not to process the application.

Personal data provided on the application form will only be used for processing, assessing and consideration of applications for the Student of the Year Awards and related auditing purposes (“Purposes”) and subject to compliance with all relevant laws and regulations including but not limited to those in relation to personal data privacy. Provision of such personal data is mandatory otherwise we cannot process, assess and consider the applications. Application to be considered for the Student of the Year Awards is regarded as giving consent to SCMPP’s use of such data for the Purposes and according to the provisions herein, unless it is indicated otherwise.

The personal data provided on the application form may be disclosed to other SCMPP related department(s) for the Purposes should the need arise.

SCMPP shall destroy or delete all data and their copies as soon as practicable after fulfilment of the Purposes, as required under relevant personal data privacy laws and regulations.

Participants whose personal data is provided on the application form have the right to request access to, and correction of, personal data as provided for by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. His/her right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of his/her personal data detailed in this application by writing to the SCMPP at 

SCMPP may use the name of any school associated with nominees and application contents in the form of visual images, audio etc, of the school, in its publications, websites, newsletters, reports and other publicity materials. The school shall allow SCMPP to publish, amend and use such information for promotional and reporting purposes regarding the Student of the Year Awards.

SCMPP reserves the right to amend, supplement or cancel the Student of the Year Awards at any time without further notice. SCMPP will not indemnify the participants and their schools for any losses or expenses that might be incurred by the applicants and/or their schools in any such event, to the extent permissible under law.