Special Award for Most Nurturing Environment

The Student of the Year – Special Award for Most Nurturing Environment is for a school that has provided the support and encouragement to help students with different talents realise their potential and excel. This could be in academic subjects, in extracurricular activities, by paving the way to tertiary education or sought-after careers, or perhaps by opening up new possibilities for youngsters unsure which direction to take. 


Theme for SOTY 2020/21

Providing a great education for students is a mission which has many different dimensions. In a turbulent year like 2020, schools had to bear a greater than usual responsibility in providing a responsive learning environment in and outside the classroom, so that students could receive uninterrupted support. 


This year, our special theme is “Overcoming obstacles, celebrating resilience”. The Award will go to a school, together with its students, which has shown significant involvement and notable achievements in these areas. The characteristics looked for in a nurturing school this year should have provided a firm foundation for students to realise their potential, while also building the personal resilience to tackle future challenges.  


Judging Criteria

1. Positive influence on the students and the community - 85%

2. Clear mission and a concrete plan for the future - 15%


Positive influence on the students and the community 

What were the immediate responses from the school to support students’ academic learning and psychological well-being during the period of school suspensions? 

How did the school’s policies and programmes in the past year build a stronger community filled with positivity for students?

What positive outcomes and notable achievements did the school and students record together during the pandemic?


Clear mission and a concrete plan for the future 

What are the future plans for the school and students to develop resilience in their learning environment? How will those new plans be implemented? 


How to enter

The nominated school of the Award must be a registered secondary school in Hong Kong. Schools are required to submit the following to complete the nomination. 


1. A written essay in either English (max. 800 words) or Chinese (max. 1,000 characters) or a video presentation (max. 5 mins)  

2. Proof of awards and other forms of recognition, including media interviews and photos, received during the academic year of 2019 -20 

The nomination period runs from 20 February, 2021 to 15 May, 2021.

The winning school will be selected by our advisory board members and, subsequently, will be announced and receive their prize at the Awards Ceremony in July 2021.


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