Together we grow and achieve

There were difficulties in 2021, but also many reasons for hope, especially in the way people came together to combat the effects of the pandemic. At school and in the local community, it was a time to demonstrate teamwork, thoughtfulness, social responsibility and foresight. It became clear that “Together we grow and achieve”.  

Against that background, nominees will be asked to submit their reflections based on this year's theme, “We're together”. This will allow them to explain how they used their initiative, expertise and skills to assist and inspire and, along the way, to better themselves too. 
When preparing their submission, nominees should consider how their goals and outlook have evolved over the past year and give examples of how their efforts have helped to make a positive impact. This could be at school, with friends and acquaintances, or as part of an external group, and it might also indicate how they hope their plan or project will continue to develop. 

Students are also welcome to submit their reflections in a video format in either English or Cantonese. The essence of any submission should be to show how, with team spirit, you can overcome tough challenges and achieve something for the greater good. Content will count more than precise use of language in the overall scoring. For detailed judging criteria, please refer to each category.


School nomination 

Principals and deans of secondary schools can nominate a maximum of two students per school for each category. The only exception is for the Linguist category, where a school can nominate a maximum of six students – two each for English, Putonghua and Cantonese. Non-school nominated and self-nominated students are counted separately.


Non-school nomination 

Executives and educators from non-school organisations, including non-profit organisations, youth associations, multinational companies, universities and institutions can nominate candidates. These nominations must be submitted together with an endorsement from schools and nominators.



Students and members of the general public who see the potential in themselves or outstanding values in others can nominate candidates. These nominations must be submitted together with an endorsement from schools and nominators.

The same assessment criteria will be used for all nomination channels and in line with category specifications. All the requested materials should be submitted together with the application form at the time a student is nominated.



Eligibility criteria

Students in Form 4 to 6, or Grade/ Year 10 to 13, in government registered secondary schools in Hong Kong during the 2021/2022 academic year are eligible for nomination. For the school nomination, a maximum of two nominees per category. Nominees can be put forward for a maximum of two Award categories, one of which must be the Grand Prize. 


Nomination period

The nomination period runs from 15 February to 31 March, 2022. *New* Nomination deadline has been further extended to 13 May, 2022.



  • A certificate of appreciation will be issued by the South China Morning Post to all nominated students who have successfully registered in the Awards.
  • The winner of the Student of the Year - Grand Prize will receive a HK$25,000 scholarship. There will also be a HK$8,000 scholarship for the 1st Runner-up and one of HK$4,000 for the 2nd Runner-up in this category.
  • Winners of the six categories – Sportsperson, Performing Artist, Visual Artist, Community Contributor, Linguist and Scientist & Mathematician - will each receive a HK$10,000 scholarship. The 1st and 2nd Runner-Up in each category will also receive scholarships to the value of HK$4,000 and HK$2,000 respectively.
  • Winners for Best Improvement and Best Devotion to School (five students in each category) will each receive a HK$5,000 scholarship.
  • All the winners will be announced at the Student of the Year Awards luncheon in July 2022.
  • Read the full Scholarships and Acceptance of Applications