Eligibility criteria 

Students currently studying in Form 4 to 6 or Grade 10 to 13 in registered secondary schools in Hong Kong – including government schools, government funded schools, private schools, international schools and special schools – during the academic year 2019-20 are eligible or nomination. Commercial education centres are not eligible.

A maximum of TWO students from each school can be nominated for each category, with the exception of the Linguist category, for which a maximum of SIX students can be nominated (two for each language of English, Cantonese and Putonghua).

Nominees can enter a maximum of two award categories, one of which must be the Grand Prize.

The Award assessment criteria are shown below for your reference. For more detailed information, please consult with your school's principal. 


Nomination procedure 

The nomination period is from late October to 10 January 2020

Nominees must provide copies of certificates or other supporting documents of the submitted records and awards for verification.



**** Please note the date for the announcement of shortlisted students will be postponed to late February. 


  • A certificate of appreciation will be issued by the South China Morning Post to all nominated students who have successfully registered in the Awards.
  • The winner of the Student of the Year - Grand Prize will receive a HK$25,000 scholarship. There will also be a HK$8,000 scholarship for the 1st Runner-up and one of HK$4,000 for the 2nd Runner-up in this category.
  • Winners of the six categories – Sportsperson, Performing Artist, Visual Artist, Community Contributor, Linguist and Scientist & Mathematician - will each receive a HK$10,000 scholarship. The 1st and 2nd Runner-Up in each category will also receive scholarships to the value of HK$4,000 and HK$2,000 respectively.
  • Winners for Best Improvement and Best Devotion to School (five students in each category) will each receive a HK$5,000 scholarship.
  • All the winners will be announced at the Student of the Year Awards luncheon in May 2020.